Trip 8 - 1993

Trip 8 - 1993
Matt Burrell, Holly Edde, Anonymous, Jenny Eckert, Alissa Moore, Jenny LaPlante, Allison Butterfield, & Aaron Greenwald (Sararose Anderson is not pictured here - see photo below of victory wreath at Nemea)


  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Tunisia


  • Sararose Anderson
  • Matt Burrell
  • Allison Butterfield
  • Holly Eddy
  • Jenny Eckert
  • Aaron Greenwald
  • Jenny LaPlante
  • Alissa Moore

Trip Leader

  • Mr. Taylor, age 60

Trip Highlights

  • The Eiger by dawn from youth hostel window
  • The hike to meet Nietzsche
  • Jenny with ankle cast accepted being left alone on the mountain and then was grateful for the time for reflection
  • A waterfall and beauty below Wengen
  • A smooth blue lake and curious boys
  • A track meet in Berne and the crowd cheering for "Jenny, Jenny"
  • Terror response to the numinous by two Arete lasses in cathedral
  • Rome
  • Jenny (not Poulaki yet), failed to find where Caesar met death
  • I told you to be out of St. Peters on time
  • The great Greek temples at Paestum
  • We found the beach below Elea, and a Parmenides bar, but missed the ruins of his former school above where we slept
  • Heavy rain at night drove us off beach and into van
  • One beautiful drive in the morning along the Italian coast all but Aaron sound asleep
  • Magnificent Greek ruins in Sicily
  • Crossing the Mediterraean by sea with a ship full of Moslem men
  • Tunis, no lights, 106 degree heat, marvelous
  • Lights out at Hilton, sandwiches by flashlight in hotel lobby ancient Carthage and memories of Dido and Aeneas
  • A camel
  • Holy Kairouan
  • An afternoon run with trucks honking their approval of bare female legs
  • The mosque of silence, serenity and peace
  • Roman ruins way out in barren land of central Tunisia
  • Panic with the wrong fuel in the van tank in Palermo
  • Gas station owner sucks it out and refuses payment
  • Slept on a beach in southern Italy
  • Discovered showers spaced out down the sandy beach in the morning
  • Fresh pastries at a village bakery
  • The brushing of teeth off the side of the ship before sailing to Greece
  • The sea of islands
  • Olympia and a new hill for Arete that overlooks the ancient track
  • A 60th birthday run and an olive crown from Poulaki
  • Wonderful birthday dinner that night in Nauplion
  • A historic moment as Arete ’93 pilots the new Nemean games
  • Dr. Miller and Mr. Taylor trade off benefits as athletes run for first time in a track meet in 2300 years on the Nemean soil
  • "GO Pou-la-kee moo" can be heard on Cal, Berkeley film sound
  • Thousands have participated in the new Nemean games since 1993, with the event being held in 1996, 2000 and 2004
  • Amazing sunset
  • Mr. Taylor enjoys walking around with a parrot after dinner
  • The incredible chorus of birds early in the morning as we woke up on a restaurant roof in the village at ancient Mycenae
  • Ferry to Patmos
  • A marvelous hike to a remote beach
  • A lobster for Holly
  • A second sandy beach reached after a wonderful hike to the south of the island
  • No road to this one, but a good taverna and some chickens and a donkey, and the clear, blue Aegean sea
  • Viewing the Parthenon suspended over the city by early sun from the ferry as we approached Piraeus by sea
  • Poulaki finds lion cramped in Athens zoo cage and will write government; the cage is empty today
  • Holly gets lost in the flea market
  • A final night in a frequented Taylor family restaurant in Athens with tears and joy

It was on Patmos in 1993 that we took a trail through the country side of the Greek island and came upon this beautiful beach with a timely taverna. Others come by boat, but Arete became familiar with its own trail to his marvelous beach.

Two of the Arete '93 girls react to the predicament when the wrong kind of gas filled the tank on a Sunday morning in Palermo, Sicily. Our rental van in Tunisia had used diesel, the van in Sicily unleaded, hence the mix up.

The girls played their parts well. Mr. Taylor wasn't so calm. But when he handed the station owner a sizable amount of lira the man refused it, saying "it was his fault".

After the Palermo delay we ended up sleeping on a beach somewhere in southern Italy. When we started the next day we joyfully discovered showers along the sand and a bakery just a short walk into a village. We had the beach to ourselves. This is a classic Arete moment. That night we sailed to Greece.

The youngest girl to ever go on an Arete trip, Jenny LaPlante was a sparkling highlight in all ways on the '93 sojourn. She is seen here reacting to a perfect day in Switzerland with her unusual capacity for joy. Jenny can also cast a critical eye and has been working in New York for years as a book scout.

Arete '93 along a Swiss trail below the Eiger.

Swiss team athletes joined our, "go Jenny", and then some.

Mr. Taylor running out of the quarry in Syracuse, Sicily, where thousands of Greek prisoners suffered the price of an over-extended Athenian foreign policy.

Playful explorations of the Greeks ruins along southern coast of Sicily.

Harbor of ancient Carthage on Arete '93 trip.

Seminar in the Hilton conference room in Tunis.

Negotiating a price in the souks of Kairouan, Tunisia. I will bet on Sarah Rose.