Trip 6 - 1989

Trip 6 - 1989
Marina Edler, Alyssa Phipps, Chris Swain, Soren Mosher, Christina Teply, Anne Sellery, Jason Chinn, William Taylor, & Angela Driller at Priene, near Ephesus, Turkey


  • Switzerland: Zurich, St. Moritz
  • Italy: Bergamo
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Hungery: Budapest
  • Yugoslavia: Belgrade
  • Turkey: Istanbul, Bursa, Gallipoli, Troy, Pergamum, Izmir, Ephesus
  • Greece: Kos, Athens
  • Italy: Paestum, Pompeii, Naples, Rome


  • Jason Chinn
  • Marina Elder
  • Soren Mosher
  • Alyssa Phipps
  • Chris Swain
  • Anne Sellery

Trip Leader

  • Mr. Taylor, age 56

Trip Assistents

  • Gina Connell
  • Christina Teply
  • Jess Taylor - Veteran Host Bergamo

Trip Highlights

  • Switzerland and a parking lot crisis
  • First Nietzsche hike above Sils Maria by Arete Weston a beautiful morning
  • Boys love hike up to cave
  • Bergamo and son, Jess
  • Angela at the train station
  • A spontaneous Italian track meet
  • Slugging it out in Salzberg
  • Vienna and training in Freud's park
  • Budapest and a good 1500 meters by Chris
  • Belgrade without the flare of 1987
  • The twenty-two hour train ride to Istanbul
  • Refugee check at 3:00 a.m., “somewhere?”
  • Off train for passport check
  • Racing up streets with luggage from train station to guest house just below Agios Sophia, the Sultan’s palace and the Blue Mosque old Istanbul
  • Angela and Kristina tell of Byzantine art in Agios Sophia
  • Alyssa and Marina watch a lamb killed by ancient ritual from their hotel window on final day of Ramadan
  • “Homo Necans” comes alive
  • Moslem blessing sung over the old village that night by muezzin
  • Ferry across Bosphorus to Asia, and back
  • Wild cab rides back after exciting dinner once back in Europe
  • Holy town and raw lunch
  • Gallipoli and sober reflections on the young deaths
  • A singer by tape just before crossing the Hellespont
  • Ancient Troy
  • Angela presents a Trojan memento
  • Aeneas would go with us from Troy toward Rome
  • Spectacular ancient Greek ruins along the Turkish coast
  • Beautiful rugs in a village with natural dyes
  • Discovery of Assos and the clear blue sea
  • Pergamon --- impressive ruins on Acropolis and below, where the great medical doctor, Galen, practiced and even interpreted dreams
  • Black jackets
  • The island of Kos and our jeeps
  • Water balloons and angry Greeks
  • A surprise ending to our run through the park in Athens, as suddenly the 1896 Olympic stadium appeared and Chris went crazy
  • Boat ride to Italy under smoke stack for some of us; ship packed, very little space, but travelers cooperated
  • Don’t try and drive into Naples in the middle of the day
  • Alyssa screaming at the drivers who were honking their horns
  • I missed the party with the Italians that night
  • Rome and the meal and essays by the statue of Bruno

This is what a Jason looked like on the 22 hour train ride from Belgrade to Istanbul. Do you blame him?

Christina could be posing for a travel magazine on the Turkish coast on the 1989 Arete trip. A veteran of the 1985 adventure, she chose to return to a second Arete trip. She has identified Arete West as "a state of being".

Arete '89 became the first travel team to make it to Troy. The agricultural fields in the background are where Homer tells us the Greeks and Trojans fought their battles. These seven students had been in Istanbul before Troy, another "first" for our travel itinerary. And as was Gallipoli, just north of Troy on the other side of the Hellespont.

Soren of Arete '89 stands like a young god over the ancient marketplace of Athens. In his hands is the very engaging guide book written by William Taylor.

Ever since 1979 when the initial Arete group trained on this track we have returned to it if we were "in town" to see Nietzsche in Sils Maria the next morning. Alyss, Marina, Anne and Christina enjoy the moment on the 1989 trip. Each one was a damn good track athlete!

The 22 hour train ride from Belgrade to Istanbul had its moments.

It was around this lake in Sils Maria where Nietzsche walked, composed, even came upon his "eternal recurrence". This was a familiar view for a good number of the Arete trips.