Trip 3 - 1983

Trip 3 - 1983
Back row: Matt Wilkinson, Rachael King, Joe Munton, Jenny Murphy, Cory Taylor, Dan Muhic, Charles Yoakum, Mami Kelly Front row: William Taylor, Paul Wilkinson, Katy Dykstra, Theresa Martin, Angela Driller, & Ann Hribar at the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens


  • Italy: Venice, Florence, Rome
  • Greece: Delphi, Olympia, Athens, Nauplion, Mykanos
  • Switzerland: Zermatt, Zurich, Zug, VeyVey, Interlocken,


  • Angela Driller
  • Mimi Kelly
  • Rachel King
  • Ann Hribar
  • Dan Muhic
  • Joe Munton
  • Jenny Murphy
  • Cory Taylor
  • Matt Wilkinson
  • Paul Wilkinson
  • Charles Yoakum

Trip Leader

  • Mr. Taylor, age 50

Trip Assisstent

  • Bob Griffith

Trip Highlights

  • An incredible morning by Lake Zurich on a new synthetic track
  • Would you believe a house in the middle of a street?
  • The Wilkinson battle at the United Nations
  • A night meet in Veyvey by Lake Geneva; last sight of Angela on a track
  • The Matterhorn from above and east of Zermatt
  • Snow, ice, the long hike down
  • Interesting youth hostel at Zug
  • Thunder and lightning at Interlocken youth hostel
  • First Arete time in Italy
  • Venice, the Lido by sun, then a fun dinner on way back to St. Marcos
  • What of Michelangelo and his David in Florence?
  • Nasty teasing at the entrance to St. Peters
  • What of Michelangelo and his Moses in Rome?
  • Arete '83 voted a tie, 6 to 6, in admiration for David or Moses
  • Lock the Italians in the compartment for the night, Bob
  • First time in Greece for Arete
  • Little guard chases us out of ancient stadium due to closing time
  • Secret climb down to the temple of Athena at Delphi at night
  • Zeusian thunderbolts flash over Mt. Parnassas
  • The first Arete group to see the ancient track at Olympia
  • Running in the 1896 Olympic stadium in Athens
  • A little “lack of control” after dinner in Nauplion
  • By sea to Mykanos
  • “I told you to take dramamine, Cory”
  • A great run on the island
  • A fun dinner below the windmills

Angela in the starting grooves at Olympia, Greece. "Angie" had just completed her 9th grade year in high school and qualified for the 1983 state finals in the 300m hurdles.

Matt, Dan and Paul on 1896 Olympic track in Athens, Greece. The '83 Arete West trip was the first one to reach Greece!

A writup about the '83 trip in the Pacific Sun.

This young man has become a very successful business man in eastern Europe. I refer not to the Arete leader, either. This was in 1983 at a track meet in Switzerland on lake Geneva.