Trip 2 - 1981

Trip 2 - 1981
Back row: Rich Murphy, Joe Wire, Dr. Griffith, Antony Michels Middle row: William Taylor, Julie Ziegler, Mike Fulton, Dan Caldwell, Christy Muhic, Jenny Davison Front row: Rick Dillon, Susan Martin, Beth McDermott, Katy Dykstra in Freud's psychotherapy room in Vienna


  • Austria: Vienna
  • Germany: Berlin, Munich
  • Switzerland: Engleberg, Murren, Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, Zermatt


  • Dan Caldwell
  • Rick Dillon
  • Katy Dykstra-Cantrel
  • Mike Fulton
  • Susan Martin
  • Beth McDermott
  • Antony Michaels
  • Christy Muhic
  • Rich Murphy
  • Joe Wire
  • Julie Zeigler-Nacco

Trip Leader

  • Mr. Taylor, age 48

Trip Assistent

  • Bob Griffith


  • Cory Taylor
  • Jess Taylor

Trip Highlights

  • Unfriendly East German police on train ride to East Berlin
  • Check Point Charley on a gray, overcast morning
  • The Dillon delay in customs shack due to his German relatives
  • Hitler’s bunker on the other side of the barrier
  • "He will be killed" shouted by East German woman
  • “Get away from there, Fulton”
  • Great lunch in East Berlin cafeteria?
  • Maybe five books for sale in a book store?
  • The magnificent museum with the altar stolen from Turkey
  • Olympic 1936 stadium of Owens and Williams
  • Tremendous workout before that lovely German language assaulted us
  • Panic train separation in Austria; where did 1/2 of Arete go?
  • A private seminar in the Freud library in Vienna
  • Track meet in West Germany, east of Munich
  • Great party with athletes after the meet
  • Fulton rides the metro banister in Munich
  • Lake Lucerne and Wagner’s home
  • Zurich and a great meet; Katy runs fast half mile
  • Zermatt and the hike of all hikes to the Matterhorn hutte
  • Breathtaking 360 degree view of Alps breaking through clouds
  • Katy says “it was the best day of my life”
  • Lenin, Einstein, Freud/Jung, white swans and sausage in Zurich
  • Four locked out of youth hostel in Engleberg; not funny
  • Glorious view from Murren of Jungfrau
  • Basle, where Nietzsche began as a professor, goodbye
Photo by Jess Taylor

The Berlin wall was dramatic history for Arete 1981 students to experience. It was eerie, harsh, real. You can see the drab apartment buildings of East Berlin on the other side of a barrier that would remain up for another eight years.

Photo by Jess Taylor

Arete '81 enters East Berlin through "Check Point Charley". It was a tense, exciting moment as images from the movie, "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold," came alive with the authentic setting. In the film, a young woman is killed by the East Germans by attempting to escape.

This was the ominous East Berlin that Arete '81 entered through Check Point Charlie. Just over the Berlin wall begins "no man's land", the bare stretch of ground meant to expose anyone trying to escape over the barrier in the foreground.

Photo by Jess Taylor

The early Arete trips had may track and field events scheduled. Here in Bern in 1981, Mike Fulton offers some long jump advice to Julie Ziegler. The chance for the young people to compete overseas was special. We lined up these competitions through a Swiss national coach. They were before commercial student exchanges were structured to benefit the organizers financially.

Photo by Jess Taylor

Arete visited Richard Wagner's home on Lake Lucerne a number of times. Here in 1981 Jenny was fascinated with the array of musical instruments and has mentioned in recent years how she still thrills at having witnessed them in Wagner's home.

Photo by Jess Taylor

The notorious Mike Fulton and an inspired Rich Murphy actually were able to do 220 repeats in the 1936 Olympic stadium in Berlin without the guards noticing our presence on the track. This was on our 1981 adventure and one of the supreme moments on the exciting journey.