Trip 13 - 2003

Trip 13 - 2003
Back row: Sally Hughes, Jennie Foote, Eric Lee, Elliot Brian Front row: Emma Fazio, Kate O'Mara, Tracy Durnell, on an island at Aswan in Egypt


  • Greece: Nauplion, Nemea, Olympia, Ithica, Athens
  • Egypt: Cairo, Aswan, Nile, Luxor/Karnak, Cairo
  • Greece: Delphi
  • Italy: Rome, Florence
  • Switzerland: San Moritz, Zermatt
  • Austria: Linz, Vienna, Salzberg
  • Switzerland: Zurich
  • France: Verdun, Rhine
  • Germany: Frankfurt


  • Elliot Brian
  • Tracy Durnell
  • Emma Fazio
  • Jennie Foote
  • Sally Hughes
  • Eric Lee
  • Kate O'Mara

Trip Leader

  • Mr. Taylor

Trip Highlights

  • Greece
  • Athens and our Astor hotel
  • Dinner under the Acropolis
  • Nemea and the long run to the stadium (not a fond memory for Tracy)
  • Nauplion and the illegal swim (blame Steve of 2001 and his sister, Kate)
  • Phone call to Mr. Taylor and the harbor police
  • Olympia, the Arete hill, Eric thinks of a place in state finals the next track season
  • Egypt
  • the dark street, fear, then “welcome, welcome”
  • Oldest pyramid
  • Eric rides a horse and Kate is thrown up on a running donkey
  • Upper Nile
  • Arete 2003 and its own little island at Aswan
  • Monumental encounter with tombs, columns and temples
  • Karnak of the rams and the powerful columns and 122 degree heat
  • Greece again, a quick stop for supplies over ancient Thebes, then up Mt. Parnassas toward the Delphi meadow
  • The missing meadow
  • Sleeping by the van under thousands of stars
  • Ithaki and the run up and through the village of Stavros, then into the water of the Arete cove which we share with Athena and Telemachus
  • Not for Eric Lee; like Jenny LaPlante in 1993, Eric went off like Odysseus and we had to wait for him to return
  • By sea to Italy and still another time sleeping outside on the deck
  • Andrew of Arete 2001 visits us in Florence
  • Dante chapel and home
  • Petite Arete track at St. Moritz
  • Nietzsche passages, verse, on a another beautiful morning
  • The Eagles Nest kept at a distance by a beautiful, quiet stream
  • A petite camp ground by a lake with an incredible cathedral of granite reaching down to the water's edge
  • The death camp and horror at Mauthausen
  • Beautiful drive alongside Danube all the way to Vienna
  • Valuable time in the Freud museum
  • Solo visits to art museums
  • Tracy played music of Beethoven in little park some 100 meters from where he died
  • Carnival before the huge screen, birthday balloon
  • Vienna ice cream
  • Enjoyed returning in heavy rain
  • Pizza and a night by Lake Zurich on grass behind a hedge
  • Zurich youth hostel nicer than 1979
  • The cathedral
  • The narrow passage way to Lenin
  • Einstein up the hill at the university
  • A stop by bridge on Rhine where the Captain was mortally wounded
  • Verdun
  • The Arete French hotel and restaurant in a village east of the battlefield
  • The thousands of bones and the windows
  • Elliot was well prepared to speak on top of the great fort of World War I
  • Mort Homme and senseless deaths
  • Trier and Constantine
  • A city known for being the western headquarters of the Roman Empire, and later anti-Semitism, Karl Marx
  • Before dawn along the Rhine

Tracy Durnell and Sally Hughes of Arete 2003 found Egypt a fascinating place to shop, engage those of a very different culture.

Emma Fazio of Arete 2003 remembers the horror of death camps by a steam on a trail below Hitler's Eagle Nest in Austria. After experiencing the party atmosophere by some tourists up there in 2001, we stayed down and reflected on the monster from below. The next morning Arete 2003 entered the death camp at Mauthausen.

Arete 2003 within the spectacular columns of ancient Thebes at Luxor with temperatures over 120 degrees.

Mr. Taylor and Emma of Arete 2003 catch some sleep before landing in Cairo, Egypt.

Mr. Taylor responded to the strong student requests of seeing the Sahara, and Arete '97, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011 have felt the heaviness of the African continent.

Eric Lee of Arete 2003 ran the fastest time over 800 meters in Drake history, second quickest in county.

Eric Lee and his coach in St. Moritz, Switzerland, on a track infield first utilized for an Arete workout in 1979. It is a track of memories, especially when we hike the Nietzsche trail the next morning in nearby, Sils Maria.

At the starting blocks in Olympia.

Nancy and Sally after a "heated" run around Nemea.